søndag 24. august 2014

04 October 2014 Oslo


To Kenyans living in Norway and the Nordic Countries, you are cordially invited
to the Launch of FEP Nordic Chapter - Norway
by the CEO and Founder of FEP Group of Companies Arch. John Kithaka

OSLO 04 October 2014
TIME: 15:00 – 20:00 hrs 
VENUE: P- Hotels Oslo grensen gate 19
Entry: FREE


This is the first of its kind event in Norway by a Kenyan private investment group.
The CEO and his team have a powerful message for you
about investing opportunities in Kenya with the FEP Group of companies.
Limited seats available, please secure your seat today by
Liking the page and JOIN the event at 
Register as amember for only Kr 100.
Request Registration Form at skkara08@gmail.com
From the contact persons

Contact persons: Agnes Karanja 90196742; George Kimathi 45205797;
and Dr Stephen Karanja 90551946


fredag 4. november 2011

Norwegian Football Dream Team?

Photo Aftenposten

Check the line up in the Norwegian Dream Team. What is wrong with it? Yes you are right, it is composed of non-ethnic Norwegians. However, although this is just a dream team from immigrants perspective, it is real that immigrants are becoming an important aspect of football in Norway.

Football players with immigrant roots, like John Carew, Ruben L. Gabrielsen, Moammed Abdellause and Alexander Tetty, are a big inspiration for young immigrant boys in Norway. This month we celebrate these dream achievers who are veteran players in the Norwegian national team and many others who have not reached the first eleven national team yet. Many young men look up on them as role models and heros.

John Carew
Because of your achievements, the media can now dare to think of an all immigrant national team. We are honored to reproduce here a list compiled by Aftenposten.no Sports.  The list is not exhaustive as there are many upcoming contenders playing for various clubs around in Norway.

John Carew's deadly header
Our advise to the young men aspiring to be great football players is that they have role models out there to encourage them to live up to their dreams: dream, work hard and preserver. Today, competition may be severe but it is no longer difficult to make it up to the dream national team because of your background.

We salute especially John Carew who is the biggest role model in football for us of immigrant background in Norway. 

tirsdag 26. juli 2011

Together in Love and Triumph over Evil

On Monday evening 25.07.2011 a spectacle of love and beauty flowed as inhabitants of Norway gathered together in streets in the cities, town centres and villages all over the country to show togetherness, love and triumph of good over evil that afflicted the nation on the Deadly Friday 22.07.2011. Over 200,000 people gathered in the streets of the Capital City Oslo, and many other thousands did so all over major cities in the country to send a clear message that terrorism and evil cannot win over tolerance, love and good. The City of Oslo was decorated with flowers  brought by the people to mark the event. Oslo Domkirke (Dome Church) became a sea of all kinds of flowers. At around 18.00 hours the city stood still as all raised their flowers high creating a seamless beautiful human canopy of flowers. The scene was breath taking as one grasped the beauty of love, togetherness, tolerance and good.

Norway is a beautiful country, with good and loving people. Although the act of terrorism was so gruesome and for a short moment shattered the love and beauty of life, the events on Monday demonstrated that there is more beauty, love and goodness in people than evil. The scenes of thousands of people united in love are the best memorial a nation can give to the victims of the two tragedies in Oslo and Utøya Island.

The tragedies are a reminder that if one focuses on evil, one will only see evil. The outcome will be evil and never good. However, the people of Norway have chosen to focus in good, love and tolerance. The outcome will inevitably be good. It will create a better society than that envisaged by the perpetrator of these heinous acts.

Some pictures from around Norway

Street in Oslo
Outside Domkirke (Dome Church) Oslo
Stavanger, Norway

Folkets hus, Oslo

Lillehamar, Norway

Street in Oslo 


Outside Parliament Oslo

Parliament Oslo

City Hall Oslo

City Hall Oslo

Skien, Norway

Youngstorget Oslo

Bergen, Norway

Bergen, Norway

torsdag 16. juni 2011

Trio: Great Performance in Bislett, Oslo 9 June 2011

Three great Norwegian athletic talents with foreign background portrayed great performance in the recent Diamond League Athletics 2011 at Bislett Stadium Oslo, Norway. The three are Christina Vukicevic 100 meter hurdles, Ezinne Okaparaebo 100 meters and Jaysuma Ndure 200 meters.

Christina Vukicevic
Christina Vukicevic was born in Norway of a Serbian father and Norwegian mother. She is coached by her father Petar Vukicevic, who participated in the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow. She is Silver Medalist in European Junior Championships 2005 and World Junior Championships 2006. She has represented Norway in many European and World events and in the Summer Olympics 2008 in Beijing.

Christina had the best performance of the trio in Bislett. She easily won the 100 meter hurdles final for women with record time of 12.97 seconds. She led the way from the start to the finishing line and was 16 hundredth of a second before her next rival the American Kristi Castlin. This was her first win in the Diamond League. Afterwards, a happy Christina did a lap of honor to the joy of the ecstatic Oslo crowd. 

Christina Vukicevic
Later speaking to NRK TV cameras and reporter she said “I does not cry at funerals, but today this is different” as joyous tears flowed. Proud of her brilliant performance she proclaimed “I won and with a good margin. I run from them from the start to the finish. I beat them quite easily. Is it proper to put it that way”, she asked.

Ezinne Okaparaebo (Center)
Ezinne Okaparaebo hails from Nigeria and has lived in Norway since the age of nine. She represented Norway in the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing where she competed in women 100 meters but she did not qualify for her second hit. She is a Silver Medalist on 60 meter event in the 2009 European Indoor Championships in Turin.

Ezinne finished third in the women’s 100 meter dash. She recorded a time of 11.17 seconds her best so far. She holds the Norwegian record in the race 11.23 seconds. Although her new time was an improvement to her Norwegian record, due to the help she got from the wind the new time was not recognized.

Okaparaebo’s performance was impressive beating many competitors who had previously beaten her. Ezinne was splendidly happy with her performance and confirmed that she was in good form. 

Jaysuma Ndure (Right)
Jaysuma Ndure has his roots in Gambia where he began his athletic career. He now represents Norway having changed his nationality in 2006. Ndure is a holder of Gambian and Norwegian records in both 100 and 200 meters. He is a bronze medalist from the African Championships and several top three-rankings in IAAF Golden League and IAAF World Athletics Final.

Ndure finished second in the 200 meters men’s race in Bislett behind the winner, the incredible Olympic Champion Usain Bolt of Jamaica. Ndure registered a time of 20.43 seconds. He was, however, not extremely happy with distance between him and Bolt, and blamed it on wet ground due to heavy down pours in Oslo then and fatigue as a result of jetlag from the travel from US where he had been training.  He had just arrived in Norway that morning.

Overall he confided that he was satisfied with the performance vowed to try to beat Bolt next time. He said that “I like to compete and I like to compete against Usain. I love to compete against the best because I can try to beat him. I did not manage today but I will continue to try and try. He said he will try to beat Bolt in the World Championship.

Confronted with Ndure’s comments, Bolt said that everything is possible. We have known each other over a couple of years and I know he is focused. If he does not suffer any injuries all is possible. I respect all, he concluded.

For each of the three athletes, Bislett performance was a step closer to their dreams. Here in this blog we would like to celebrate with them their achievement and dreams. Keep focused and you will accomplish your dreams. Remember that you are also an inspiration to many young men and women in Norway.

tirsdag 14. juni 2011

Stella mwangi Releases Album Kinanda!

At a fans and family fully packed party in Oslo on 9th May, Stella Mwangi released her new Album Kinanda. Following her impressive performance with Haba Haba, Stella's album feature hit Song Lookie Lookie and Swahili title song Hakuna Matata. Kinanda is Swahili for record player.

onsdag 11. mai 2011

We Love You Stella! You Were Great!

Photo NRK

Despite the unfortunate outcome of Eurovision Song Contest semi final results, we still love you Stella. You have taken us with you in your dream and victories. Your achievement is phenomenon despite what happened in Düsseldorf. The main thing is that you believed in yourself and have seen how much you can accomplish. You have also inspired many to believe in themselves and do what they know best with devotion and commitment. You dared and grasped the opportunity. Düsseldorf debacle is but a small obstruction compared with what you have achieved. The thing now is to continue living your dream and you will conquer the world. It has been a great joy in this blog to witness your dream blossom. We will continue to travel and celebrate with you as you live your dream.

Unfortunately there are many who were waiting to vote for you on May 14 and had no opportunity to vote in the Semi. However, that’s water under the bridge now. Thank you all from us on behalf of Stella.

Continue smiling and giving joy to the World Stella. You are great and a winner.

mandag 9. mai 2011

Stella Mwangi in Semi Final Eurovision 2011 Düsseldorf

In Düsseldorf on 10 May 2011, Stella Mwangi is No. 2 out in the scene with her favourite song "Haba Haba". If she qualifies then she will perform in the final on 14 May 2011. To qualify she must get votes from other First semi final countries but not from her home country Norway. Therefore, the song must appeal to the rest of Europe and there is no doubt that it does.  Norway is among the favourites to qualify further to finals in this group including Russia, Armenia and Turkey.

The Norwegian Embassy in Nairobi has made arrangements for the semi final event to be streamed live on big screen in Nairobi. The family, friends and people of Kenya will have an opportunity to witness her perform.

In the past week, Stella and other contesters have rehearsed in the Eurovision Esprit Arena where the competition will take place. Now, it is to keep our fingers crossed and hope that Stella reaches the final.